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To be the largest value-added distributor in the markets we serve.

  • Trust is the foundation of the relationships with the customers we serve. DADU IMPEX is a veritable source of authentic products from reputed manufacturers.
  • Empathy with customers increases the value of our service by making us partners in their growth.
  • Reliability makes us dependable in good times and crises and strengthens our bonds with customers and suppliers.
  • Fair Deal is a guiding beacon helping us serve the mutual interests of parties in the transaction. We are equally cognisant of our customers and suppliers while keeping our business interests in the equation.
  • Partnership for long-term mutual growth and benefits is the cornerstone of our beliefs keeping DADU IMPEX the preferred partner with all players in the supply chain.

Leadership Team

Meet our leaders

Ashok Buwaniwala

Ashok Buwaniwala is the CMD & founder of DADU Impex. His 30 years of experience have helped the Company grow rapidly, penetrating various product segments. Mr. Buwaniwala was successful in building a structured organisation which has allowed the Company to deliver excellence in the areas of service and quality.

Konark Buwaniwala

Konark Buwaniwala is the Director, New Business & Growth and looks after the Marketing and Sales in DADU Impex. He did his MBA in Global Marketing and has worked skillfully to put the company on the path of continuous development.

Pranav Buwaniwala

Pranav Buwaniwala is the Procurement Director in Dadu Impex. His 4 years of experience and prominent quality in the department is to manage the responsibility of ensuring the efficiency and cost – effectiveness of the purchase process in the company.

Pooja Bansal Buwaniwala

Pooja Bansal Buwaniwala is the Legal Director of Dadu Impex who is a well experienced lawyer since 6 years. She have pursued her law graduation from UILS, Panjab University and Masters from Kurukshetra University.

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