Refunds on Dadu E Store are quick and hassle free. Refunds will be disbursed immediately for orders eligible for refunds in accordance with the ReturnCancellation Policy.

Refunds issued by Dadu E Store are guided by the following :

  • No deductions will be made by Dadu Impex on the refund amount confirmed to the customer buying the Product.
  • There is NO “processing fee” charged by Dadu Impex on any payment option availed by the customer. In case your bank charges you a service fee for services, those additional charges will be incurred by you.
  • For pre-paid orders, the refund will be processed through payment gateway or any other online banking / electronic funds transfer system approved by Reserve Bank India and will reflect in the source account of the customer.

For orders that involve the return of goods from Customer’s location, the following guidelines are applicable in addition to Dadu Impex Refund Policy:

  • Dadu Impex will arrange for logistics involving the transfer of goods from the customer’s location to our warehouse. This service will be FREE of cost to the customer and will not result in any deductions to the refund amount.
  • In rare cases, when the Customer ships the products to our Warehouse at their own cost, the final refund amount will include additional compensation for the cost of transfer of goods.
  • The additional compensation is subject to us receiving a digital proof of the actual courier charges incurred by you.
  • Refunds will be released only after returned products have reached our warehouse and have been inspected for QA/QC discrepancies.

Dadu Impex reserves the right to decline refunds even for orders otherwise eligible when any of the following is breached :

  • Return request is made outside the return window.
  • In cases where tags, labels, accessories, original packaging are missing for returned items.
  • If the Product is damaged by the customer, either by incorrect usage or storage/handling.
  • If Product has been used by the customer.
  • If Product was initially sold as a combo/sets and returned products do not include all original components of the complete set.

In the unlikely event that Refunds released by Dadu Impex are not realised by the Customer even after 7-10 days, please ensure the following :

  • You have received communication from us confirming your refund request. This means that your refund has been initiated.
  • You have received the refund Transaction ID as part of an update on the status of your refund.

If the above conditions are true, please contact Dadu Impex Support and we will work with the banks to get your refund processed immediately.

For returns that involve the refund of monies collected via an offline payment method, our team may get in touch with you to collect and confirm bank details so we may initiate a transfer. We typically urge Customers that made an offline payment to have the following particulars ready when their return requests are approved:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Number
  • Account Holder’s name
  • IFSC code
  • Location of the Bank.

We initiate the refund process as soon as we receive the details from you and in case of inter-bank transfers it may take as long as 7-10 working days for the money to be credited to your account.

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